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<div class="basic-page-subtitle"> Definitions and concepts </div>
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<li class="li-first"> <span class="paragraph-name"> Portal </span> or <span class="paragraph-name"> Website </span> - collection of all content published on the websites at the domain: <a href="http://www.porcelainzone.com">http://www.porcelainzone.com</a>. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Regulations </span> - These terms and conditions of use the portal porcelainzone.com. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> The Administrator </span> - the administrator of this portal is the company: <span class="paragraf-accent">P.Zone, Czestochowa, Poland</span> - entered into the register of business activities conducted by the Mayor of the City of Czestochowa, under the number: 000000. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Registration </span> - process of providing personal and contact details via the registration form on the website. This occurs by filling the appropriate fields or by selecting one of the options. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> User </span> - any individual, corporation or non-legal person, which uses resources of the portal. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Registered User </span> - any User which has made the registration process. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Account </span> - User profile that allows him access to his personal data, and other information related to the use of the portal. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Profile </span> - Registered User personal data ( location, extended information ). </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Public Profile </span> - Registered User data, containing information about the location ( country, region, city of residence ) and extended information ( biography, areas of professional activity, interests, knowledge of languages ), available to other Users. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Service </span> - every specific functionality accessible in the Portal, available to the Users. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Community </span> - all Users registered in the Portal. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Porcelain marks database </span> - collection of signs used by manufacturers of porcelain and ceramics, to mark their products, published in the Portal resources available on-line in the section <span class="paragraf-accent">Porcelain marks</span>. </li>
<li class="li-last"> <span class="paragraph-name"> Marketplace </span> - a collection of announcements to buy, sell or exchange owned items, published by the Registered Users. </li>

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<div class="basic-page-subtitle-2"> Terms of Use </div>
<div class="legal-paragraf first"> § 1. General rules </div>
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<li class="li-first"> The internet Portal <span class="paragraph-name"> porcelainzone.com </span> is a generally accessible social network platform, aimed mainly for ceramics and porcelain enthusiasts, hobbyists, collectors, individuals, companies and institutions dealing with this issue professionally. </li>
<li> Free resources of the Portal can be used by anyone, regardless of his legal status, social status, origin or nationality. </li>
<li> Payable Portal resources are available for each natural person, legal person or other entities without legal personghood, <span class="paragraph-name">having the legal capacity to contract obligations</span>. </li>
<li class="li-last"> To use all functionality of the Portal, the User must read these Terms and accept its contents by selecting the appropriate option in the registration form. </li>
<div class="legal-paragraf"> § 2. Registration and using of the Portal </div>
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<li class="li-first"> The necessary condition for using the services of the Portal is to have an e-mail account and a correct registration. </li>
<li> The user undertakes to provide in your profile accurate and timely data and to update them in case of change. The Administrator shall not be responsible for the consequences of providing outdated or inaccurate data by the User. </li>
<li> During the registration process, the User provides the username of his or her choice used for identification in the Portal and a <span class="paragraph-name">password </span> that allows him access to the created Account. </li>
<li> The User is obliged to keep his or her username and password confidential and to not disclose it to third parties. The Administrator shall not be responsible for any damages caused to the User and third parties using his login and password.
<li> By registering on the Portal, the User undertakes:
<li> follow the rules of these Regulations, </li>
<li> respect Polish law, in particular, the protection of personal data, </li>
<li> non-infringement of personal rights of other Users, </li>
<li> use the functionality of the Portal in accordance with their purpose. </li>
<li class="li-last"> By registering on the Portal, the User agrees to:
<li> collecting, recording, processing, storing, preparing, sharing and remove your personal information by the Administrator to the extent necessary for the organization of the website, in the manner prescribed by these Regulations, </li>
<li> collecting, recording, processing, storing, preparing, sharing and remove your personal information by the administrator for marketing and statistics, </li>
<li> transfer the collected personal information to third parties, in particular the implementation of the services provided by the website ( portal porcelainzone.com can use foreign servers ), </li>
<li> processing and use passed personal data for marketing purposes, and put them in a database of Administrator in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997. (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883) and the Rules and our Privacy Policy, </li>
<li> receive from Portal to the specified email address, technical and other data related to the functioning of the website. </li>

<div class="legal-paragraf"> § 3. Account and User Profile </div>
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<li class="li-first"> Registered User receives an individual <span class="paragraph-name">Account</span>, which must include personal and contact details required for the proper regulation of mutual obligations to other Users and the Administrator. </li>
<li> User <span class="paragraph-name">Profile</span> constitutes an integral part of the Account. </li>
<li> Registered User undertakes to provide true information, under penalty of suspension or deletion of the Account. </li>
<li> Registered User has the right to access and edit their data and settings of the Account. </li>
<li class="li-last"> Each User can register one <span class="paragraph-name">private</span> account and one <span class="paragraph-name">corporate</span> account. </li>

<div class="legal-paragraf"> § 4. Range of free services </div>
<ul class="paragraph-block-2">
<li class="li-first"> <span class="paragraph-name"> Community </span> - access to the profiles of Users, allowing for establishing mutual relations using the following functionalities:
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Private messages </span> - internal guidance system of private correspondence between Users. As part of this service Administrator reserves the right to send, up to 1 time per week, commercial messages from partners and sponsors of the Portal. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Groups </span> - creating of thematic groups, allowing for the publication of posts, organisation of events and hold discussions by members of the group or all Users. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Galleries </span> - publishing of own photo albums, available to other Users. </li>
<li class="li-last"> <span class="paragraph-name"> Forums </span> - access to participate in discussions held by the Users. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Articles </span> - possibility to publish content by Users. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Factories </span> - access to the history of factories from porcelain marks database. </li>
<li class="li-last"> Range of free services can be freely modified by the Administrator. </li>

<div class="legal-paragraf"> § 5. Range of payable services </div>
<ul class="paragraph-block-2">
<li class="li-first"> <span class="paragraph-name"> Porcelain marks database </span> - subscription of the access to the porcelain marks database at the pages of factories or from the search engine level. Service available for all users. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Promotions </span> - services available for commercial account holders.
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Promotional campaigns </span> - publication of promotional offers max. up to 40 products. </li>
<li class="li-last"> <span class="paragraph-name"> Promotional messages </span> - sending to the Users promotional content, using an internal messaging system. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Marketplace </span> - system for the publication of announcements of buying, sell or exchange of the owned items. Service available for all users. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Commercial events </span> - publication of the announcement of commercial events with the possibility of registration of participants. Service available for commercial account holders. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Sponsored articles </span> - publication of articles containing commercial content. Service available for commercial account holders. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> Advertising </span> - publication of advertisements in the Portal. Service available for commercial account holders. </li>
<li>Specification of service is given at the service page. Additional information may contain forms of adding or editing of content to the ordered services.</li>
<li class="li-last"> Range of payable services can be freely modified by the Administrator. </li>

<div class="legal-paragraf"> § 6. Publishing of own content by the Users </div>
<ul class="paragraph-block-2">
<li class="li-first"> Registered User has the right to freely publish own content, such as: articles, comments, group content etc., maintaining the following rules and limitations. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name"> It is forbidden to: </span>
<li> use of words and phrases commonly recognised as vulgar and offensive or infringing personal rights of third partiess, </li>
<li> use of advertising or promotional phrases, </li>
<li> enter contact details, including e-mail and web addresses, leading to external sites.</li>
<li> Author of publication undertakes to provide a written statement about having the copyright for posted content ( or consent of the owners of these rights ) at the request of the Administrator or Editors of the Portal. This can happen only if the third party report having exclusive rights to the content contained in the publication. </li>
<li> Administrator is not responsible for the content posted by Users. </li>
<li class="li-last"> Accounts of Users violating these rules may be suspended or removed. </li>

<div class="legal-paragraf"> § 7. Ordering of the services </div>
<ul class="paragraph-block-2">
<li class="li-first"> <span class="paragraph-name">Order</span> can be placed by adding to the <span class="paragraph-name">Shopping Cart</span> the selected service. If the service requires adding or editing content, User will be redirected to the appropriate form. </li>
<li> For the order to be effective, the User must go to the Shopping Cart, complete the required information and follow the steps to complete payment for selected services. </li>
<li> After making the payment, ordered services will be activated automatically, and an invoice will be generated for the order. <span class="paragraph-name">Order history</span> is available in the <span class="paragraph-name">User Profile </span>. </li>
<li class="li-last"> Order is carried out in accordance with the prices in force at the time of contract, in accordance with available <a href="/en/pricelist">Price list</a>. </li>

<div class="legal-paragraf"> § 8. Payments </div>
<ul class="paragraph-block-2">
<li class="li-first"> By way of the provision of paid services, the User pays the fee in the amount specified on the Price List, according to the information or instructions in the order form ( Shopping Cart ). </li>
<li> Portal can make any discounts, rebates or promotional endure all or part of the fees for selected services for a specified period or for any period. </li>
<li> The introduction of rebates, discounts and promotions do not constitute a change of these Regulations. </li>
<li> Charges for services provided by the Portal are made at the time of ordering. </li>
<li> <span class="paragraph-name">Invoices</span> for placed orders are generated automatically and are available in the User Profile. The invoice is generated in <span class="paragraph-name">.PDF</span> format and can be downloaded and printed using standard software. </li>
<li> By registering an account in the Portal, User agrees to receive images of invoices in .pdf format. </li>
<li class="li-last"> After paying the fee for providing the Service, the User may not claim a refund. </li>

<div class="legal-paragraf"> § 9. Cancellation of services and the liquidation of accounts </div>
<ul class="paragraph-block-2">
<li class="li-first"> Each user has the right to resign from the paid services on Portal at any time - in this case, the cost of services for the unused time of their benefits will not be refunded. </li>
<li> Any registered User has the right to cancel their own account at any time without giving reasons. The User may independently choose the method of cancellation and delete its contents. </li>
<li> Fees paid for the unused time purchased services are non-refundable. </li>
<li> Administrator may refuse to register a User, and to suspend or remove the account from the site without giving reasons, if:
<li> purpose of registration is clearly contrary to the principles and purpose of the functioning of the Portal, </li>
<li> User activity is inconsistent with the prevailing social norms, culture, business management, calls for violence or crime, and if it violates the rights of third parties, </li>
<li> User flagrantly violates the provisions of these Regulations. </li>
<li> Administrator will notify you about suspension or removal of user accounts by sending a message to the email address indicated on the registration. </li>
<li class="li-last"> The decision to refuse to register you, or suspend or terminate accounts, User may appeal in the manner described in the information content in Suspend or remove accounts. The administrator should refer to the User's appeal within 14 days from the date of receipt of the appeal. If you do not respond within 14 days, it is assumed that the decision was reversed, and the full functionality of the accounts restored. <br> Refusal is final and an appeal to the Administrator of this decision not entitled. </li>

<div class="legal-paragraf"> § 10. The liability of Portal </div>
<ul class="paragraph-block-2">
<li class="li-first"> Portal is not a site with arising obligations between Users or others who makes commitments to the Users. </li>
<li> Portal is not responsible for the acts and omissions of Users, in particular for the infringement of personal rights or the rights of third parties by Users. </li>
<li> Portal is not responsible for the acts and omissions of third parties taken under the influence of distributed feedback and comments on the site. </li>
<li> Portal is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate information supplied by Users. </li>
<li> Users are not entitled to the Administrator claims the interruptions to the operation. </li>
<li class="li-last"> Portal is not responsible for any use of the content posted by Users. </li>

<div class="legal-paragraf"> § 11. Complaints </div>
<ul class="paragraph-block-2">
<li class="li-first"> The user can make a <span class="paragraph-name">Complaint</span> regarding provision of Services through the Portal, using the contact form available on the Portal. </li>
<li> Complaints must be submitted no later than 21 working days from the date of the occurrence of irregularities in the use of services. </li>
<li> The complaint should contain:
<li> name or number of service / order / invoice, </li>
<li> date of malfunction Services, </li>
<li> User data the claimer ( login, email address ), </li>
<li> justification of the complaint. </li>
<li> Portal consider the complaint within 14 days from the date of its impact. You will be informed about how to respond to complaints by message to your email address. </li>
<li class="li-last"> Portal is not liable for any errors, delays and other difficulties in functioning caused by the force majeure and other persons. </li>

<div class="legal-paragraf last"> § 12. Final provisions </div>
<ul class="paragraph-block-2">
<li class="li-first"> The Portal reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any change would require approval of Members. </li>
<li> In the event of refusal to accept changes to the Regulations and delete the account, User are not entitled to reimbursement for the unused time of services. </li>
<li class="li-last">In case of doubt, to interpret the Rules recording, decisive is the wording of this provision in the <span class="paragraph-name"><a href="/pl/legal">Polish language version</a></span>. </li>

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