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Porzellanfabrik Pöllwitz

Members: 816

Names / Owners

1922 - 1924: 
W. Gleißner Söhne Porzellanfabrik
1925 - 1938: 
Porzellanfabrik Pöllwitz (Reuß) GmbH

Historical note

The porcelain factory in Pöllwitz was put into use in 1922 with two smaller porcelain kilns. In 1923, the production plant was expanded by two larger furnaces, each with a capacity of 65 m³. The specialty was the dishes. Tableware, coffee and tea service as well as plates and mugs were produced. The good economic situation lasted for a short time. Increasingly, the company had financial problems. Strong competition and poor management have contributed to the fall.

December 20, 1924, the company W. Gleißner Söhne, Porzellanfabrik concluded a deal for the factory by Alfred Köhler, a buyer from Dresden, and on December 31, 1924, the company left the "Association of porcelain factories and tableware" (Verband der Porzellan- und Geschirrfabriken).

On January 9, 1925, a new company was founded Porzellanfabrik Pöllwitz (Reuß) GmbH, but it did not succeed in the market and on April 25, 1936, it was liquidated and finally closed in 1938.