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Haas & Cžjžek - Schlaggenwald

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Names / Owners

1792 - 1800: 
J.G. Paulus, J. Pöschl & J. Reumann
1800 - 1808: 
Louise Sophia Greiner
1808 - 1847: 
Porzellanfabrik Lippert & Haas
1847 - 1867: 
Schlaggenwalder k.k. privil. Porzellan-Fabrik August Haas
1867 - 1945: 
Haas & Cžjžek k.k. privil. Porzellanfabrik
1945 - 1958: 
nationalized company ( Haas & Czjzek ? )
1958 - 1991: 
Karlovarský Porcelán
1991 - 1993: 
Haas & Czjzek spol. s.r.o.
1993 - 2015: 
Haas & Czjzek - První porcelánová manufaktura v Čechách, spol. s r.o.

Historical note

The history of the factory dates back to 1792 when Johann Georg Paulus initiated its founding and in the next year, along with its partners: J. Pöschl and J. Reumann began operations. After several years of unsuccessful attempts to produce porcelain, they decided to sell the factory. The factory was bought in 1800 by Luise Sophie Greiner, but her activity also was non successful.

The turning point was the arrival of her son Johann Georg Lippert surgeon from Slavkov, who invited to cooperation Wenzel Haas. The company has adopted since 1808 years the name: Lippert & Haas. Since 1819 the company already had a representative office in Vienna (later also in Prague, Brno and Budapest) and in 1831 C.K. Ministry of the Treasury in Vienna said that the products of Schlaggenwald exceed the quality of Vienna products.

In 1836 the factory valued at 200 $ 000 in gold and employed 250 people. Georg Lippert died in 1843, and his stake in the company was inherited by his daughter Emilie and son Johann Möhling. August Haas bought these shares and since 1847 has been the sole owner of the factory, which until 1867 was the largest producer of porcelain in Bohemia and was very successful at numerous exhibitions, including gold medal in Vienna in 1845.

August Haas died in 1867 and his heir was the son, Georg Haas, which he accepted as a partner Johann Cžjžek and the factory was branded with the name of Haas & Cžjžek, and after buying a factory in Chodov (Chodau) employed a total of over 1000 employees. In 1908, on the day of the 60th birthday of Emperor Franz Joseph I have been granted to them titles of nobility: Georg Baron Haas von Hassenfeld and J.B. Cžjžek Adler von Smidaich.

Georg Haas died in 1914, leaving his shares to his wife, Olga, and after the death of J. Cžjžek, his shares in the factory took over son, Felix. In the period 1924-1929 porcelain production reached 200 tons per month. In the years 1931-1935 the company lost a lot of outlets, and it was a period of regression of the company. In 1937 the factory was destroyed by fire. Olga Haas died in 1942 and in 1945 her son, Georg Haas jr. committed suicide.

In 1945 the factory was nationalized and then merged with the company Karlovarský Porcelán. 1991 - the year of the reprivatization of the company, which returned to the old name: Haas & Cžjžek.

July 23, 2015 - liquidation of the company.