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Examples of the Amphora-Werke products

Names / Owners

1892 - 1904: 
Rießner, Stellmacher & Kessel, k.k. priv. keramische Werke "Amphora"
1904 - 1909: 
Rießner & Kessel, k.k. priv. keramische Werke "Amphora"
1909 - 1945: 
Amphora-Werke Rießner

Historical note

Porcelain factory Rießner, Stellmacher & Kessel, k.k. priv. keramische Werke "Amphora" was founded in 1892 by: Hans Rießner, Carl Rießner, Eduard Stellmacher i Rudolf Kessel (company established after the receipt by Stellmacher parts of the factory of his father, Alfred Stellmacher). Thanks to the success in exports and consequently in a modern design, the company soon expanded. In 1896 employment amounted 250 employees, and in 1900 - already 300 people. The factory had under own name showroom in Paris, Vienna, Leipzig and Berlin.

1904 Eduard Stellmacher withdrew from the company and started his own porcelain factory in Turn-Teplitz. The company changed the name to "Rießner & Kessel, k.k. priv. keramische Werke "Amphora"", and after leaving the factory Kessel in 1910: "Amphora-Werke Riessner", which was owned by Hans and Carl Rießner.

After WWII the plant was taken over by the new authorities, but there is no information what happened to him later.

Production: initially produced luxury boxes made of porcelain; since 1894 the figures, and since 1985 the products of pottery (vases, jardiniere, etc.). Figural compositions, modern pottery with floral ornaments, ivory porcelain, faience, stoneware.

Participation in exhibitions:
1883 - Chicago (Grand Prix),
1894 - Antwerp (honorable mention),
1894 - Dusseldorf (gold medal),
1894 - San Francisco (gold medal),
1897 - Brussels (participation in the Jury),
1898 - Vienna (diploma),
1900 - Paris (gold medal),
1901 - St. Petersburg (gold medal),
1902 - St. Petersburg (the Great diploma),
1903 - Athens (honorable mention),
1904 - St. Louis (Grand Prix),
1905 - Lüttich 1905 (an honorary diploma),
1906 - Milan (honorable mention),
1908 - St. Petersburg (gold medal),
1910 - Brussels (Grand Prix).